StratusForms Form Builder (BETA)

Welcome to the StratusForms form builder tool. This free tool exists to help you get started creating new StratusForms forms for SharePoint. It does not contain all the possible functionality for StratusForms. For more information on StratusForms including information on creating PeoplePickers, Encrypted fields, and other functionality please visit or join the discussion on our Slack Team by sending an email to [email protected] and request an invitation.

StratusForms empowers you to create powerful, dyanmic forms for SharePoint using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There's no software or features to install, and StratusForms works On-Premises and in the cloud! This form builder tool is meant to help you in the process of creating new forms by generating some of the HTML and JavaScript needed for your form. You can take the HTML and JavaScript generated by this tool and ehance it as you need to in order to add additional fields, style, or extra business logic. The limit is only the limit of your JavaScript skills!

StratusForms stores your form data in a SharePoint list. Please enter the name of the list that will store your form data below.

List Name:

In addition, stratus forms stores all of the form data in a special field in your list. Before continuing, please create a field in you SharePoint list with the name "StratusFormsData" and ensure that this field is a PLAIN TEXT - MULTILINE field.

Watch our quick video tutorial to get started today!