Introducing StratusForms! The the only SharePoint Forms Solution that:

Finally! A forms solution for SharePoint that has the features you need without painting you into a corner!  With StratusForms users can quickly and easily create forms for SharePoint Lists and Libraries! Designers can create beautiful, responsive mobile friendly forms using using simple HTML and CSS.  Developers can quickly turn these forms into powerful business solutions by enriching functionality with JavaScript, jQuery, and any number of third party libraries!

Create rich/powerful/responsive/mobile friendly forms using simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Make forms look EXACTLY how you want them to look with your own HTML and CSS. Make your forms responsive and mobile friendly!  Take your forms to the next level using JavaScript. Create wizards, tabbed forms, dynamic forms that are only limited by your imagination.
Call web services to populate your forms with data from your business systems.

Work with any version of SharePoint

StratusForms works with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. It doesnít matter which version of SharePoint you are using today (or tomorrow) StratusForms will work for you. Forms built today for SharePoint 2010 will work in SharePoint 2016 tomorrow.

ZERO installation

That's right. No packages to install, no modifications to your servers. Stratus forms is 100% client side based. All you need is a SharePoint List, a Document Library to store your form template and scripts, and a Page to put it all together! StratusForms does not require any special tools or programs to get started.

Replace InfoPath

InfoPath is dead! With StratusForms, you can create form fields that do not have to be fields in your SharePoint List. This allows you to create forms with hundreds of fields but only promote those fields you need to see in list views to SharePoint.
In addition, StratusForms allows you create repeating content in your forms. How many times have you wanted to have repeatable dynamic content in your forms only to be thwarted by SharePointís out of the box forms?  With StratusForms itís as easy as a couple of lines of HTML!

Encrypt an entire form or specific fields

What other form solutions allow you to encrypt specific fields in a form that other users cannot access without a password? With StratusForms you can quickly and easily encrypt that Social Security Number field to prevent nosey users from access to PPI. You can even encrypt your entire form. Using Open Source encryption you can even decide exactly how you want to encrypt your data and keep it safe!

StratusForms does NOT store your data in some proprietary fashion

StratusForms stores all your form data as easily retrievable JSON objects.  So, when you are ready to take the plunge to a more expensive forms solution (or Microsoft ever gives some better guidance) you can easily extract all your form data as JSON objects which can easily be ported to other solutions. Itís YOUR forms and YOUR data. StratusForms does not hold your content for ransom.

StratusForms is FREE!

StratusForms follows the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License and is free unless you intend to integrate StratusForms into a paid for product or SaaS. Information on commercial licensing, paid support and premium features is coming soon. In our premium version (coming soon to your Office Store) you will get a form designer, support, and other premium features.
What are you waiting for? With over 4,500 downloads and multiple fortune 500 companies using StratusForms, there’s a lot of reasons to take the plunge.  

Licensing Information

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

StratusForms is free unless you intend to integrate StratusForms into a paid for product or SaaS.

StratusForms is free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License and can be used for your internal projects or by consultants for client projects for no cost. Information on commercial licensing, paid support and premium features is common soon.

Getting Started

Check out our free form builder tool to help you create your first form:
Or watch this video to see the form builder in action.

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StratusForms Version 1.3 has been released on GitHub! Enhancements include: – improved error handling – by user request, support for promotion of lookup fields – by user request, support for rich text boxes (using jQuery library Trumbowyg) Check out the example forms for all of these great features: – Repeating content – Field level encryption – Promotion…